Comparison Between Democrats, Republicans & Libertarians : From an Urban Libertarian View

Just a few weeks ago someone said to me “you talk like a libertarian”, a party I had only heard of but really knew nothing at all about. When I went online to see what I could learn, I found their general thinking about things seemed to be pretty much like my own, more so than the party I had voted with up to that time.

When I went to my first libertarian blog a couple of weeks ago however to join in on a conversation, I was told by the other libertarians there that, my thoughts were way off. I was kind of taken back, because I was just speaking what I had heard so many other Libertarians online say. (What really surprised me was that from my research it appeared that Ron Paul was pretty much the man that Libertarians supported but according to the Libertarian blog I went to, apparently I was very wrong).

When I went back to re-check some of the other things I had read about Libertarians, I learned a little bit more about them. I learned that even though they have a base philosophy , there are a ton of different conflicting  philosophy’s among them. In other words,  they all claim “libertarian” they just attack  their issues from a different approach.

Here’s one site  that I found, that I thought summed up some of the many differences among those who are Libertarian.

After reading them all, in my own true independent libertarian “individualist” fashion (which libertarianism and freedom is all about) I’ve decided to put in this blog  a summary statement of how I see all 3 parties and how they respond to different situations. This won’t be the way I see them respond to all situations but the way I believe they’ve responded to most.

The statements will summarize the way I’ve seen all 3 parties respond to ….

1) government programs and initiatives
2) taxes
3) minimum wage
4) guns
5) abortion
6) marriage
7) environment
8) foreign affair

Keep in mind I am libertarian, but I will try to be as unbiased as I possible can in my summaries.

Okay here we go…..

Democrats are generally seen: committed to seeing that government funding is spent continually to develop strong “government controlled initiatives” that would work most to assist those who are disadvantaged in our country and those around us. This would involve a number of special interest groups. [Special interest might include, poor, seniors, labor unions, immigrants, the gay community and many others}

Republicans generally are seen: committed to drawing back from A LOT OF government controlled program that will increase government spending and they in turn support initiatives that would benefit “independent entities” (as tax cuts) so THEY can assist the disadvantaged in our country and others around the world. [Among Independent entities might be large corporations, small businesses, churches ect]

Libertarians are generally seen: working to remove the public from AS MANY government initiatives as they can, in a effort to reduce government spending and they in turn are more supportive of initiatives that would benefit more”independent entities” so THOSE entities can assist the disadvantaged in our country around the world.

Please note: These summary statements I’ve written (which in my opinion are very unbiased as I could make them) are not based on things that the 3 parties themselves have said. They are merely generalizations on how I have come to see the 3 parties operate over the years. The first two I am very familiar with. The information regarding the Libertarian party (which I’ve just recently learned of) is simply based on the research I’ve done. If they truly operate according to what is written, I will learn as I enter this new journey with them.


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