Welcome to Bayard’s S.O.U.L. – School oF Urban Liberty.

Bayards S.O.U.L. is being called a school, as it’s set up to serve as an educational vehicle to log libertarian ideas ,concepts and helpful information developed by the libertarian minded who’s interest are to be instrumental in helping build strong urban libertarian communities.

It should also be noted that Bayard’s Soul is not a news site, or a site for political rhetoric and will be found with ideas that appear more beneficial to people in urban communities than it would be to the nation at large . It also will be found with logs of experiences and lessons learned by its Detroit host, as he begins his walk as new libertarian.

The site is named in honor of Bayard Rustin one of the greatest civil libertarians thinkers of the 20th century. Bayard was a planner and planned one of the biggest historical events that the United States had ever seen. He planned the 1963, “Great March on Washington” in which Dr Martin Luther King Jr gave his “I Have a Dream” speech”.That plan set our entire nation off into a new direction. This following links here gives a lot more to that history.

While Bayard was a dynamic force in the movement and rose to become very popular, he was also a man that was openly gay, something barely accepted by society at that time. In an effort to avoid controversy, rather than continue working as publicly as he had, Bayard, with his partner by his side begin to work more quietly behind the scenes having just as much an effect on people, even today many many years after his death.

In the same way that Bayard’s ideas and plans were used to bring about change, it is the goal of ” Bayard’s S.O.U.L. ” to provide a platform to present libertarian ideas and concepts that might do the same.

It doesn’t necessarily take an effective party to bring change but it does take being an effective force and one of the ways libertarians can be that force is by getting libertarian concepts out there. It is the mission of Bayard’s S.O.U.L. to gather thinkers with ideas that will can help meet that goal

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all liberally and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him” James 1:5


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Gay Marriage Goes to The Supreme Court – What Libertarians Say

Once again the debate is on the table regarding gay marriage because the majority has squashed the rights of the minority (the minority not just being gays but the 16 states left who favor gay marriage). This time the debate will happen in U.S. Supreme Court. all because once again the majority is being allowed to legally show brutal disdain to the minority. Legally !! Unbelievable !! We still haven’t learned our lessons to look out for the minority so they won’t get crushed. 16 states have given rights that legally bind gay couples who have come together and the only way those agreements can be binding is that they MUST remain in the state that they were married. We can marry in Massachusetts but our legal arrangement with the state will only be honored there. Our marriage means nothing Michigan. So much for land of the free. Thank you America. You are clearly showing what “freedom” means to you.

The truth is there are really not even 16 states that gays can actually have the legal rights of marriage in. There are only 9, Conneticut, Iowa, Main Maryland, New Hampshire, Vermont, Washington , the District of Columbia and finally New York . The other 7 are simply civil union, domestic partnership allowances . California gays fought a very hard fight for gay marriage but lost the battle when Prop 8 was instituted. They later had a rematch when a the federal court found it to be unconstitutional. That court ruling is being repealed and awaiting a ruling now by the U.S. Supreme Court. Wow!! Somebody really hates the idea of gay people being allowed the freedom to marry.

So ….either today (Friday) or Monday, the Supreme Court is going to look at some of the things that have gone on with the issue so they can determine how to move on. 1 state is petitioning them to determine whether the over turning of prop 8 was legal . 8 states are petitioning them to determine whether DOMA -The Defense of Marriage Act put in by President Clinton is constitutional (and the gay community sees this man as a champion for gay rights. Yet he along with the Democratic Party instituted the very bill that federally confirms all gay marriages null and void. I understand why the gay community at large doesn’t support the Republican party but I’m not getting this great love at all for the Democrat party when no Democrat President has ever DONE anything to support gay marriage. Libertarians have supported gay marriage since its inception).

At any rate the Supreme Court is scheduled for a pre-hearing to determine which of the 10 petitions set before them they will look at OR … if gays that are already legally married should have federal rights as gay couples. If the repeal to the over ruling of Prop 8 is thrown out, its been been said the ruling could be huge and thereby either overturn anti-amendments all around the country or go as far a ruling out all gay marriages that have been deemed legal. Its hard to imagine either way. The hearing coming up today or Monday is only to determine which of the marriage issues the U.S. Supreme Court will entertain, Which ever one is decided will then be the topic of Supreme Court discussion sometime around March 2013.

My libertarian take – First let me say this: Libertarianism is all about the individual rights we all individually have as humans. As a libertarian I stand behind everybody’s individual right to believe whatever they want to about marriage. If a person is against gay marriage they have that right to be against it and not support it. Thats what liberty is all about … being free as an individual to believe whatever you desire. In the same way however that a person has a right to be against it, people should also have the right to favor it BUT when laws are made that don’t not allow people to favor it, it infringes on their individual rights. This is not simply about marriage rghts its about all of our INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS . You don’t have to allow a gay couple in your house. You can be against it. Your church has the right to preach against it . Thats what freedom of religion is all about.Thats YOUR INDIVIDUAL RIGHT. Your church should not have the right however to stop another church from favoring it. Thats THEIR INDIVIDUAL RIGHT. You can call that church a heresy or whatever you’d like. Thats YOUR RIGHT However in the same way you have the right not to endorse it, others should also have the right TO endorse it and to legally deny that right, takes away THE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS of others. The Lord never denied Adam the right to choose what he wanted, even though he disagreed with Adams choice. He did not intervene and we should follow his example. Keep in mind: If you take away someones individual rights trust and believe …their going to come after you and successfully take away rights you currently enjoy. “Whatsover a man soweth that shall he also reap”.

This country was founded on freedom, actually freedom of religion as those who came here came so that could practice what they believed in, which was not allowed where they came from. That kind of freedom should still be allowed. Denying individuals freedoms to believe and practice what THEY believe (especially wen they are not harming others) is not what this country is all about.

Libertarianism is not about fighting for the rights of gays but about fighting to keep INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS FOR ALL.

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