We’ve Got To Stop Them From Their Continually Dissolving of Detroit Police: A New Libertarians Thoughts on the DPD Situation

Pic of a Vacated Police station

Anybody paying close attention to our city can clearly see police departments in the Detroit area slowly dissolving. The other day on the radio I heard a story of a man in Detroit who shoot 4 men, two whom died. Seeing no police came and there was no nearby police station, the man turned himself into the fire department and even though the fire department themselves called the police there was no police available to arrest this man. Keep in mind Detroit residents pay higher taxes than any other city in the state and all its current local government has allowed them for their continual support, is a continual dissolving of a police department and while its being diminished the citizens have no say. This would not be allowed at all if Detroit would begin to bring in libertarian leadership as Libertarian philosophy sees protection as the one “proper” function of government. Providing police to protect its citizens from criminals, an army to protect them from foreign invaders and courts to protect their legal rights in disputes over property and contracts. Anything else, libertarians see as excessive in government. Its very obvious however that safety and protection is not a main priority to Detroit’s current administration at all. If it were, then where are the works and plans this administration is implementing to ensure it?

What kind of local government would demand higher taxes of its citizens and then think they don’t have to show any improvement in the services they provided with the money they’ve already had. Thats exactly what the Democrat elected officials in Detroit have done once again. This summer Mayor Bing, and his appointed Police Chief Godbee proposed yet another millage, a new tax on the citizens of Detroit once again promising to improve its police force without ever showing any improvement at all in the services they’d already given. If they couldn’t effectively use what they had, then why should they expect more. The principle of Jesus states it best,… when you are “faithful over a little; THEN I will set you over much” (Math 25:23). A grantor won’t even grant money unless the requester has shown he’s done well with what he has. This administration has not done well in even giving its city a “false’ sense of security let alone a real sense of security. And now the Mayor wants to coerce the citizens to even pay more through a tax? How unfair!

Detroit pays the highest taxes in the state now, yet the higher the taxes they pay, the less services its seems to be able to provide . Why does Detroit keep electing a party who can’t even show its sees police protection as a main priority. Its police departments budget was just slashed $75 million, with 10% in cuts to their current salaries, and now their current staffs (who’s pay has just decreased) will now have to INCREASE their work-shifts to 12 hour work days. How do you make service better for the citizens by paying its police department less and then require that same police department to provide more service? Its not even logical ! Is Detroit just going to keep bringing in a party that continues to do things like this?

IT’S TIME OUT !! Its time for an administration who believes police protection should be the city’s MAIN PRIORITY and a government who can get it done quickly BEFORE EVERYBODY HAS BEEN SCARED AWAY.

Unlike Democrats , Libertarians always seek ways to reduce city taxes, so rather then “coerce” Detroit citizens to pay more to develop DPD, a libertarian would institute something like a regular lottery specifically to fund the police department. With a lottery the citizens are not coerced in aiding (so often when they can’t afford it). They can participate voluntarily whenever they’d like, if they’d like, on whatever level they’d like. Everybody would be encouraged to participate (even folks outside the city) not only because of the incentive of winning but because they know is designated to provide them the best police protection possible. Money would be coming in from the citizens who are participating at their own free will. No new taxes. No new city fees. Nobody is angry for participating. and the city doesn’t have to beg the Feds. Everybody’s happy! But we’ve got to get some different ideas in their to get this and other libertarian ideas going. The other party’s will never think out of the box because they’re only committed to do things the way that its been done and unfortunately the way its be done is slowly bringing the development of the Detroit Police Department to a halt.

More than a couple of times over the past couples of years the Democrat leadership of Detroit has laid off its police officers and cut DPD’s budget. Now as a result criminals now feel they own the street. What can we do to stop it? Detroit has got to start looking at getting a different kind of leadership. In looking I recommend it start looking at the Libertarian party, a party with a strong philosophy, and a ton of ideas. Detroit needs leadership like Libertarian leadership. A leadership that will work to reduce citizen taxes. A leadership that will come in with ideas to help citizens …”Live Free”.


Why Its Time To Vote For A 3rd Party / A New Libertarian from Detroit

Barren Land in Detroit

Detroit, the city I’ve lived in all my life has always voted for Democratic leadership as long as I have been living. Now as a results of that same leadership our “city” is alas turning into great big farm. Einstein said “Insanity is continually doing the same thing and expecting different results’. Well I’m not insane and realize if I want different results I got to work to get a different party in as you cannot get change doing the same thing . I’ll not vote for a republican either. They’ve run our state and NEITHER OF THEM was able to do anything to KEEP our city from getting where its got either. So this time. for the first time I’m voting Libertarian, locally and nationally.

People always say, voting for a libertarian is a wasted vote but a wasted vote is voting for someone who isn’t even “saying” what you want to hear, let alone doing it and that is how the Democrats AND Republicans have done. So I ask? What sense would it make for me to vote for either of them if neither is even saying what I want to hear? Now THATS TRULY a ¬†wasted vote !! If I’m going to vote my voting will be to see the principles and values that I uphold as an “individual” promoted and the only ones out you hear out here promoting “individual rights” are Libertarians. If they don’t make the office, to the very least Libertarian principles will be promoted and the more they’re promoted the bigger chance we have in somebody hearing and ultimately knowing how to fix this mess.

So I am done with the other two parties. Both have had my votes for the last 35 years and done nothing with them, or for what I believe so I’m going with folks who are all about working for me as an individual and any body thats ¬†smart would do the same.
A new Libertarian voice from Detroit

Non Intervention Does Not Mean You Shouldn’t Engage in War: ONE Libertarians Perspective on Foreign Policy

A few months back now I, learned that the first element of libertarian foreign policy was “neutrality” or as some call it “non-intervention” and when I heard that, I was 100% with it. I think it originated in libertarian philosophy from its idea that no individual, NO GOVERNMENT, anywhere has a “moral” RIGHT to INTERVENE in my private, personal, “INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS” , as long as my freedoms are not interfering with another’s freedoms. Thats what the libertarian concept of non-intervention is all about. I was with that concept UNTIL I LEARNED that in regards to war and military action, many libertarians were interpreting non-intervention to mean that our country (or our country’s government) should never engage itself in a war, with OR “on behalf of” another country for ANY reason. My immediate thoughts were, I could never stand with anyone who believed in something as strict as that. To me its impractical and a contradiction to the universal laws of non-intervention (which I’ll explain). It also totally ignores the fact that war is sometimes a very necessary evil and I’m sure many libertarians don’t agree and thats quite alright.

Almost ever libertarian I had seen blogging and preaching libertarian philosophy online up to the time I heard this, all seemed to be anti-war (against engaging in war) and total pacifists, carrying this same belief. It also seemed like any libertarian who supported war at all (like Gary Johnson) was somehow considered not “really libertarian” by other libertarians. Being so new and seeing that my own personal beliefs on this issue were turning out to be so very different than the people who prreach this philosophy , I thought it best that I stop publicly documenting my walk here and what I was learning and how I’d apply the principles, until I got a better handle of where I’ stood on what seems to be such a mainstay regarding foreign policy.[Other than two post back in March I haven’t documented anything here in over 5 months -thats how strongly I felt about no longer identifying as libertarian]. After months of pondering and study and knowing how frimly I believe in all the other libertarian principle’s , I am now back, and ready to start posting weekly again about my personal journey and ideas as a new libertarian and an avid believer of the concept of non-intervention. I just now have a very different perspective of it than most and its taken me all of these last 5 months to develop where I stand on the issue.

I see it this way: Non-intervention, in my personal opinion (for whatever its worth) is a universal law of nature meaning … lets see … when I say universal law I mean … a concept which which must be upheld, and whether its understood or not, honored or dishonored, it almost always initiates some consequence in a persons life, be it a negative or positive. Whenever or wherever the law of non-intervention is dishonored or violated the intervenor violating it almost always gives an account or will find themselves with continued unsolicited intervention. It’ not a written law. It is a universal law of nature though, just like “cause and effect” and “sowing and reaping” and almost always brings about some consequence when violated and applies to every man, woman, boy, girl, old or young. Where the law of non-intervention is not upheld it almost always breeds unsolicited intervention. So to benefit from this law, it must be honored and one truly honoring it will hold intervenor’s accountable, as, where intervenor’s are not held accountable, unsolicited intervention is always invited, whether consciously seen or not. Its a universal law in nature.

The biggest believer in this concept of non-intervention is God himself according to scripture. You see it very early in th Genesis where he did not intervene in bad choices to be made by Adam and Eve. He did not intervene in Cains “plan” to murder Abel , BUT when Cain actually intervened in Abel’s life and ended it, God intervened in Cains life and held him accountable. God is a big believer in the laws a non-intervention . He would not have ever intervened in Cains life had Cain not violated the laws of intervention and INTERVENED in the life of Abel … and for that … Cain had to give an account. You see God upholding the laws non-intervention all throughout scripture. He ONLY intervened where the law of intervention had been violated and in Ephesians 5 :1… it says we are to “be imitators of God “. I believe that means we are to honor the laws of non-intervention in the same ways that God does himself and our honoring this law will ALWAYS work to protect our individual freedoms AS LONG AS as intervenor’s are held accountable. Its the “holding intervenor’s accountable” in honor of non-intervention, that so many folks can’t get with. However, how can value be given to a policy of non-intervention if intervener’s are never held accountable and allowed to continually intervene.[This is the only kind of non-interventions policy that I myself will personally ever support …one which will esteem the value of non-intervention and see that intervenor’s are held accountable for intervening ]

I am not an expert in any way or fashion AT ALL regarding any of the wars we are in, are contemplating or have been involved in but as a laymen, new libertarian and now strong believer in the concept of non-intervention, I have formed some surface opinions about some of them.

War in Afghanistan: Regardless of the many different opinions there are regarding who or what triggered that war, on September 11, 2001 there , we were not warring nor had anytime “recently” been at war with Al Qeada terrorist when they came in and broke the law of non-intervention killing hundreds and hundreds of individuals here in our country. As result of their disrespecting the law of non-intervention and being able to hide out in Afghanistan it was inevitable that they had to give an account for that and had they not been allowed to hide out there, the war wouldn’t have been there. So in order to wipe out them out … that war there WAS very necessary. The Talliban or no one else there surrendered them them accountable. We did. The question is … since they have now so long ago been wiped out, and we’ve killed its leaders, why are our troops still fighting there … years later?

War in Iraq: SAME.We were not warring with them at the time this last war began and yes it was communicated that there were “weapons of mass destruction” there which brought along paranoia. Truth is though …. even if we had found their “weapons of mass destruction” we were not warring with them and they had not been interfering with us AT THE TIME, so there was no need for our country to violate the law of non-intervention and make anyone there give an account. So then since we’ve also now killed their leader too who we thought was the threat at the time, and have realized that we were wrong about the WMD , WHY did we stay on?

Comtemplated War in Africa: Joseph Koney Head of the Lord Resistance Army over in Africa has, and is infringing on the individual freedoms of thousands of defenseless women and children there continually raping and killing them for years now and no one over there or anywhere is making him or his army of thousands give an account for their actions. Many say its not our affair but I say it should be an affair for all who honor Non-Intervention as if that army is not made to give an account, it will become empowered and found continually in unsolicited intervention situations that I believe, if continually is gone unchecked, will spread throughout all Africa and other parts of the world. This army is boldly violating what I believe is the universal law of non-intervention and it should be brought down.

Libertarianism to me is all about protecting the freedoms of all individuals and those who value that freedom will stand against those who violate the laws of non-intervention and will work to make them to give an account. No, we are not the worlds police but as libertarians we all should be fighters for individual freedom.

Well …this is a first for me … I have the rest of my life to see if this is a theory I can stand by.

The thoughts of a NEW libertarian on non-intervention.

Happy 100th Birthday Bayard Rustin! The World’s Greatest African American UNSUNG Civil Libertarian!

Bayard Rustin, the namesake of this blog, was a passionate very active African American civil rights leader who’s works came to fruition in the mid of the 20th century. His contributions to America were phenomenal but today they’ve gone unsung simply because he was gay. This tribute, on what would have been his 100th birthday, will share some of his greatest works . It will also show a spiritual connection that I believe had a great influence on his life, that is very rarely, if almost never or ever, spoke on by anyone . There are many different kinds of libertarians which I spoke of in my first blog here at Bayards S.O.U.L , a few months back. Those considered “civil libertarians” believe that government has no right to pass laws that restrict, oppress, or selectively fail to protect people in their day-to-day lives, and those who are true civil libertarians will fight against any government laws established that do it. This is what Bayard Rustin dedicated his entire life to doing and was very succesful, yet so very few still don’t know him. When you read his story you’ll see why I call him in this tribute “The Worlds Greatest African American American UNSUNG Civil Libertarian.
I also have included a video that will briefly comment on one of those epic contributions.

Bayard Rustin was born in 1912 in West Chester, Penn to Florence Rustin who was unmarried and very young at the time, so young Bayard was raised to believe his mother was his sister. Both Bayard and his mother lived with her parents, Janifer and Julie. They raised the children up in the A.M.E. church which they attended there in West Chester. This church (The African Methodist Episcopal Church), was the VERY FIRST “official” African American bible believing church in the history of the United States. The church was founded by the Reverend Richard Allen who sensed a compelling drive to change lives in his community and he believed he could do it through the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ which he did, not just in his community but around the world. After he was freed form slavery he developed an underground rail road for fugitive slaves and despite consistent prejudice and resistance, he launched a flourishing ministry which ultimately reached thousands around the country in his time and thousands more in generations that were yet to come. His commitment to ministry was seen ferverently continued on by those who were still following his teachings just before Bayard was born. In 1906 the A.M.E. church became even more affluent in West Chester as its leaders spoke out against injustice regarding the very famous lynching of George White. The convictions of the believers in this church which Rev Allen started, was infectious and transfered to Bayard’s grandparents and more in particular his grandmother Julia, who Bayard said had the most powerful influence on his life. Julia, although she was raised as Quaker before marrying her husband, was very much involved in this ministry. Bayard would often see his grandmother, a true activist, take her commitment to upholding the gospel a way beyond the church walls there in West Chester. She’d attend NAACP meetings and often times they’d have many famous leaders at their home such as the famous William Du Bois and James Weldon Johnson. So having such a powerful spiritual base so connected, so bold and unafraid to speak out, stand up and stand out against injustice as the leaders of his church had who went before him had done, one can clearly see how ALL THE THINGS Bayard grew up witnessing as a child, could so easily inspire this young man to become the strong effective civil rights leader that he became.

As Bayard grew, becoming established in the faith his church sought so diligently to instill in its followers, he was able to find his call and purpose to public service very early in his life. He, like Julia, also moved in fulfillment of that call outside the church walls. We see this as he attended Wilberforce University in Ohio (another entity of the A.M.E. denomination which he was raised), where he first found himself working with the Religious Society of Friends and F.O.R. (Fellowship of Reconciliation). He also worked with the American Friends Service Committee. As pacifists, when he and other friends from college were called to a military draft, one of his very first activist events was his refusal to go into military and as a result of that refusal they found themselves imprisoned for 2 years. After coming out he joined the War Resisters League. After that, Bayard found himself forming many protest. He formed a protest against the British rule going on in India and Africa. He then concentrated his efforts on working with those defending the Scootsboro boys who were believed to be falsely accused of rape. He later formed a protest with Norman Thoma , A. Phillip Randolph and A.J. Muste against the racial discrimination going on in the armed forces. From then he went on to California to fight for Japanesse Americans who had been imprisoned in internment camps. On a bus trip from Louisville to Nashville Bayard staged a protest sitting on a seat designated for whites only. After that, he was once again arrested. He then moved on to work with George Houser, James Farmer and Bernice Fisher in forming C.O.R.E. (The Congress of Racial Equality) . He also worked with Houser to form what was called Journey of Reconciliation, in which they staged the country’s very first freedom rides,. On one of those rides, he and 14 in his group were arrested. The spirit in which Bayard pursued his public call was undeniably a double portion of the spirit Reverend Allan worked in and through his work he was able to see far more justice for his people than those leaders who established the A.M.E. church could have ever even imagined.

Up to this point in Bayard’s life, his arrests were strongly supported by the groups he fought for and with, but in 1953 when it was found that he had been involved in a sexual relationship with two white men from one of his organizations, once again he found himself arrested, but this time the rallying for community support he had given for others, was not there. That was not yet a cause during this era that people organized largely to fight for, which Bayard clearly recognized and when he was released from jail he simply went back to fight for the things he believed demanded more attention for those times. Not long after this, Bayard was moved to a new level and took took a great interest in civil rights leader, Mahonda Ghandi and so much so that he traveled to India where he was, to learn from his followers all about non violent civil resistance. When he got back in 1956 he met Dr. Martin Luther King, another man very much involved in the fight for civil rights, then working in the Montgomery Bus Boycott and upon meeting him shared with him and his followers the many things he learned in India, which set Dr. Kings mission on the non-violent path. Soon after Bayard and Martin began to form what is now called the S.C.L.C. (Southern Christian Leadership Conference).

In 1963 Bayard was asked by Dr. King to assist in planning the 1963 March on Washington which was to be one of the biggest protest the country had ever seen. Bayard agreed and while he became one of its chief organizers pulling together everything from all of its speakers, to rallying all of its police support, cots for thousands to sleep on, lunches and he did it all while facing much resistance. Seeing that the arrest for his earlier sexual activity with men had become a matter of public record, those who were unaccepting of his being gay, used it to work against him. One of the most vocal men who used this to very publicly undermine his efforts, was the minister, Adam Clayton Powell. Senator Strom Thornton was another who even went as far as to work to produce pictures of Bayard in a bathroom with Dr King while he was bathing, to suggest that they too had a sexual relationship. While there were a number of others who publicly stood against him, the march still went over very very successfully, landing Bayard a picture on the cover of Life magazine as one of the civil rights movements chief leaders. The controversies and scandals however were becoming a big distraction away from the movements main purposes and Bayard ultimately stepped away from the movement publicly working in much quieter settings.

He went on from there to politics, advocating that the Democrat Party work more closely with the civil rights movement and then he worked to encourage blacks to work more with white unions and churches to help strengthen their causes. He wrote many public articles , gave speeches around the country and talked with many notable public leaders. Earlier he even recorded several spirituals. In the 70’s he changed his direction somewhat and began working with those in the gay community and in 1986 he spoke out publicly in favor of New Yorks Gay Rights Bill .At the late age of 65 after many years Bayard finally found the love of his life. He found that love in a person much younger then him, Mr Walter Naegle who lived with him and shared that love with him from then on in throughout his final days. It was from there in New York where they lived that Bayard worked along in developing what was called A. Phillip Randolph Institute in Washington D.C. an national institute that although is very different today then when it started, is still very much alive. In 1987 he went to Hatti on behalf of an organization he worked with called Freedom House and while there felt unwell from what was diagnosed as a “perforated appendix “. This ultimately led him to make his earthly exit and on August 24th, Bayard went on to be with the Lord.

Today Walter, who now heads the Bayard Rustin Fund, works with many around the country to share and preserve Bayard’s epic contributions to society. While Bayard was such a powerful influence we believe his work goes unsung by the masses today simply because he was an openly gay man, but my my my , what an example of faith he employed in the face of so much rejection. So so many times he faced harrassment , which for many would have been unbearable. In one instance when a group of hecklers intensely stood in a concentrated effort to intimidate him he spoke back and said “I am fortified by truth, justice, and Christ.” “There’s no need for me to fear.” This is the kind of strong faith in Jesus Christ that Bayard exemplified throughout his entire life which the Reverend Richard Allen sought to instill in the followers of the A.M.E. church. The same conviction of this church’s very spiritual teachings can be heard in Bayard’s many speech’s, in the music he recorded and the activism he displayed in different places throughout the world. Its also seen echoed throughout the thousands of African American congregations that continue in the church’s ministry today. Its May 17th 2012 and if Bayard would be still physically walking with us on this earth today, this would be his 100th birthday and since those of us of the faith believes he still lives on, we sing to him “Happy 100th”

A Libertarians View On Michigan’s Emergency Managers Challenge

One of the bedrock philosophy’s that I have learned about the libertarian view since coming over to the libertarian side is : YOU OWN YOURSELF.

So if we own our owns selves, that means that we are responsible for our own success’. That also means, if what we are in control of fails, it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY and ours alone to fix it, and no one else’s. Its something I’ve always believed in personally, long before I learned this libertarian bedrock. Its also clearly reflected in Joshua 1:8, which lets us know that it is our OWN responsibility to “make our way prosperous” .

I believe this should apply to every citizen in every state. If we believe we own our own selves, then WE SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE for our own selves and not our governments and we definitely should not allow any one official to control the directions OUR communities will go in. It is our responsibility.

Continually yielding those kinds of responsibilities over to government officials has continually failed us time and time again. Case in point: I live in the Metro Detroit area and I was dropping a friend off the other day in Highland Park and I noticed all the lights were out on the street. I thought perhaps it was just a power outage or something but my friend told me they had been out for months and not only were they out but the light poles had all been cut down. I did a little investigation to find out why and I learned that the lights were out and the poles were down because the officials at Highland Park hadn’t been paying their bills. Highland Park had a $4.5 million dollar debt with “DTE Energy” and when they didn’t pay it, DTE came in and turned the service off of 1400 street lights in the city and not only that but cut their light poles down as well.

I can’t imagine being a person who has purchased property in the city, paying for my property, sweating hard to get those big property taxes paid and then finding that the lights the city provided to keep me and my neighbors house lit, I can no longer have, not because I didn’t pay, but because elected officials didn’t pay. They say many in the community didn’t even know there was a problem until they saw the utility trucks cut down the poles and now the streets are pitch black in a high-crime area.

This is what happens when government officials are allowed “sole” control over the destinies of our communities. What makes it bad is they can force you to pay taxes but you can’t force them to provide service yet if you don’t pay them, they can force you out of a home you’ve paid thousands for. You’ve elected someone who has put you solely at their mercy. Once you elect them … its now in THEIR control, your control is over.

Mind you, Highland Park just had a Emergency Manager appointed by government just a couple of years ago, and now their own elected officials are back in office. Both were/are paid tax payer money, yet neither of them were able to avoid the taxpayers lights being taken away. Not because the taxpayers didn’t pay but because the government did not provide the services they promised. Yet we continue to make ourselves believe they will. Michigan’s state governor tried to remedy it by sending in an Emergency Manager and Highland Park tried once again through their elected officials. Both failed.

This is happening in cities all around Michigan and usually cities ran by officials in one party. What gets me is, these cities keep voting for officials in the same party, who keeps promising them that they will fix things FOR them. Libertarian influence would empower the citizens and work to keep government controls out of the way, so the citizens can fix it themselves. It is their OWN RESPONSIBILITY and not the responsibility of any government official especially when that official will not adhere to the things we say. We afford them the opportunity to be in those positions. They are paid by our tax dollars and since we pay them, they are to do what we tell THEM to do. It is not their jobs to tell us what to do and when we say NO EMERGENCY MANAGER , their response should simply be … “Okay you’re the boss. You’re the one that pays me.” Thats exactly why citizens should protest “Emergency Manager Laws”. It is our responsibility to control the destinies of OUR OWN COMMUNITIES, not an emergency manager, nor any government and we as citizens should be allowed to do it without any government interference,

If we want to see things change we’ve got to get things going ourselves and quit thinking “it’s up to the government to fix it”. Dr King, Bayard and the others didn’t wait on the government to fix it , they just moved on those situations and got them taken care of themselves. We’ve got to do like they did then . Get some stand-up Community Coordinators, that can round some folks up to get out and protest. Stop the emergency manager laws. Stop yielding all this control to the government officials who continually fail us. Knock on our neighbors doors. Tell them “We’re going to find out how much it cost to put lights on our lawns and then we’re going to pool our own resources together, have some fundraisers and then launch the career of a good entrepreneur to get them up. Since our officials have no plans to do it, we’ve got to do it ourselves and we’re going to protest everything that will get in our way to stop it from happening”.

We own ourselves ….and since we own ourselves we are responsible for our own success. Thats a real Libertarians way of doing things